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Since 2013 NYCEFLIX has been producing and filming documentary films that get results! Every year has seen growth and a new feature and festival. From NY, to Miami, Los Angeles and more. Do you have an interesting story that deserves a film? Contact us for more information


Filmed in and around Lake Worth,  "The Mayor of J Street" tells the story of Benny Geronimo.  Through his struggles with Bi-Polar disorder, Benny chose a life of living on the streets talking with people and sharing love. A friend to all he met, Benny connected a community with small but genuine gestures of kindness that changed a neighborhood.

"Without Wings" tells the story of Horses Healing Hearts a program to help children whose parents suffer from substance use disorder. Founded by Liz Ozlewski HHH as it's affectionately known offers children free exposure to horses and life lessons that are breaking generational curses and freeing children if only for a few hours a week. Winston Churchill once said, "There's something special about the outside of a horse, that's good for the inside of a man". This statement is at the heart of HHH's mission. Drawing on the pain of her youth, Liz has created a program that continues to center the lives of children who have experienced tremendous traumas at an early age. 

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A documentary that tells the true story of the events surrounding the death of Greg Hill and the verdict that shocked the nation. A few months ago, like many I was stunned by the national news regarding #GregHill so I gave in the only way I know how; I got up, I got active. What I found went much deeper than the headlines. I've created films about hope, loss...this is about truth; about character...about Greg Hill 2019 we're just warming up #nyceflix #IAmGregHill


Hope's Mission is the story of Omid and his fight to raise awareness for the rare disorder Aplastic Anemia Dyskeratosis Congenita. The story unfolds with Victoria Omid's mother and her flight from Iran amid revolution and war. Relying on her Jewish roots and faith Victoria's strength becomes one with her son as they support each other in a new country and face Omid's diagnosis. This amazing true story will inspire. Directed by Richard Jackson creator of the documentary "Markers", Hope's Mission takes you through a turbulent time in Iran's history and deep into a medical crisis that few return from.

Hope's Mission

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NOV. 2018




Selected to the 2016 Palm Beach International Film Festival

MARKERS explores pain, loss, and how we memorialize loved ones. A heart tugging short film about a unique program and the lives of families it's effected. Also selected to PBS' Filmmaker Program, Markers was featured on PBS channels in South Florida.

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