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The story of Benny Geronimo, "The Mayor of J Street".  Benny lived how he wanted, amongst the people of Lake Worth. While there he imparted many lessons and gave love to everyone he encountered. 

Campaign Staff


Director - Richard Jackson 

Filmmaker Richard Jackson is known for films such as, "Markers", "I Am Greg Hill" and "Without Wings". "I think the important thing for me was to convey the dignity with which Benny lived his life and the connection of community".


Executive Producer - J.M. Millien 

Founder of The Wellington Film Festival.


Executive Producer - Lola Geronimo 

Sister of Benny Geronimo, Lola was dedicated to her brother in life and continues to keep his memory and spirit alive. 


Filmed in and around Lake Worth,  "The Mayor of J Street" tells the story of Benny Geronimo.  Through his struggles with Bi-Polar disorder, Benny chose a life of living on the streets talking with people and sharing love. A friend to all he met, Benny connected a community with small but genuine gestures of kindness that changed a neighborhood.


Charity Screening November 18th, 2022 The Bamboo Room 5pm - 8pm for the Wellington Film Fest - Art Of Recovery Festival 
Click Link before to reserve your spot and free gift!

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